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Static websites are the most basic and simple web assets that are created with simple HTML or CSS code, proving to be the aptest launch pad for businesses looking to embark on their digital trajectory. With standardized content for visitors irrespective of browser, device or platform, a static webpage eliminates the need for dynamic web design functionalities and server-side dependencies, resulting in superior load time and cost efficiency with extreme ease of maintenance and upgrading. We provide the best Static Web Design Services in Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Noida, Hyderabad, Madurai, Kolkata, Pune, Chandigarh, Surat, Coimbatore in India.

We would recommend static web pages as an ideal choice for websites that are information or content intensive and primarily exist to share information, details or guidelines. Static websites are also a great way to share online brochures, e-books, white papers and the like. SEO mandates are also made a whole lot easier to comply with in case of static websites as indexing is stronger and more penetrative. At Flitwebs, we have mastered the art of creating compelling and engaging static web designs by leveraging best practices in this space along with our extensive experience in the same.

We approach your web design strategy by conducting a thorough analysis of your requirements matrix to identify the best design and layout fitment. Having worked with a host of clients across domains such as astrology, legal services, blogs, healthcare and many others, we are adept at mapping the digital trends in your area of work with your web solution to create websites that trump your competition. Hire best Static Web Design company in Indonesia, Latvia, Singapore, Vietnam, Latvia, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, Dubai, Japan, China, South Africa, Miami, Florida, USA and many more countries.

We urge you to share your requirements with us and watch us weave a cost-effective static website with superior time to market and differentiated design features.

Benefits of Static Web Design Services

The benefits of static web design are far-reaching and plenty, ranging from minimal coding requirements to reduced economic outlay, ease of hosting, minimised dependencies and faster time to market. An ideal choice of web design for websites engaging in legal advisory, blogging, social & lifestyle websites and other content-heavy web pages that require fewer graphics and faster load time. We at Flitwebs can analyse your requirements matrix and explore the fitment of static web design with the same, extending advantages of:

Better Launching Speed

Easy to Navigate

Best Design Interface

SEO friendly


Competitive Designing Cost:

Effective Global Presence

With no server-side dependencies, a simple HTML coding framework and professionally designed led layout, your static webpage can boast of superior launching speed across all devices and networks.

Reduced load time & speed coupled with standardised, simple landing pages and complete social media integration make website navigation a fuss-free affair for browsers.

Meaningful, precise content and a compact set of code ensure your web design is elegant, chic and simple. Static web pages provide design interfaces that are cost-effective and impactful, making full use of available real estate.

With keywords, content, indexing well in place supported by a simple HTML technological framework, your static website complies with the basic SEO mandates, making it a search engine favourite.

Static websites are easy to navigate, quick to load and simple to manoeuvre around, creating an ecosystem for browsers that are simple and fast. For fuss-free, fast-paced browsing, we at Flit Webs would vouch for static web pages.

With little or no investment in database design and admin systems, static web pages are extremely cost-effective tools ideal for businesses that are newly stepping onto the digital pedestal.

Static websites allow your business to reach out to global audiences with a simple HTML coded website at minimal cost and maintenance efforts, helping you amass a significant global presence.

Why choose Flit Webs for Static Web Design Services

Flit Webs is your one-stop solution for all web design, web development, graphic design and other digital solutions. We partner with you across your entire web lifecycle from creation, rollout, maintenance and upgrading. We believe the structure of our service engagements is our key differentiator. The core values that drive us in all our static web design engagements are:

  • End to end support through ideation, creation, development, deployment, maintenance and upgrading

  • Quality driven approach across all our service engagements

  • Integrity and trust in dealing with all stakeholders

  • Experience in working with clients across various industries and geographies

  • Continuous performance tracking & analysis making sure our final product meets the initial business requirement of the client

  • Constant improvisation & optimization to endeavour to provide the very best to our client today and every day

At Flit Webs, we believe in taking challenges head-on. We are constantly exploring newer trends in the world of static web design. Hence, no matter what niche requirement you may come to us with, trust us to endeavour to bring your vision into a workable solution.

We understand the finer nuances in various industries in terms of regulations, marketing campaigns and business forecasts, factoring in the same to draw out web solutions that are apt and perfectly suited to you.

For a detailed insight into our services and portfolio, look through our website or contact us to help us understand how can assist you.

Various Industries We Serve Static Web Design Services

Hire Top Rated Web Designers with Flit Webs

We at Flit Webs are extremely sensitive about website security, safeguarding client & browser information and upholding the interest of our clientele at all times. We attribute the successful practice of these values to our experienced, professional and reliable talent pool that understand the core values that we as an organization are driven by.

Not only do we house the very best minds in areas of graphic design, web design and web development, we place tremendous importance on client comfort, mutual trust and transparency. For an unmatched experience in web design, we urge you to associate yourself with Flit Webs and draw from our rich talent, expertise and dexterity. We would be happy to extend our assistance in the following niche solutions:

  • Hire Logo Designer: Get ready to transcend your expectations in creativity, design and precision with bespoke logo design services from Flit Webs. We create brand representations that you would love to flaunt across all your collaterals!

  • Hire graphic designers: From graphic designs to photo editing and niche requirements such as motion graphics, splash screens and interactive graphics, our designers have got the best designing tools and expertise up their sleeve to provide unparalleled solutions.

  • Hire custom web designers: A custom web design lends a differentiated identity to your digital presence and gives your potential client an unparalleled experience in comparison to the templated web designs of your competitors. We help you stand out!

  • Hire a responsive web designer: Invest in responsive web design to make tremendous cost savings by catering to all browsers groups through one unified set of code that’s easy to maintain and upgrade. Allow Flit Webs to show you how it's done.

  • Hire UL/UX designer: Sometimes worded content just isn’t enough to put the point across to your target audience. That’s where Flit Webs steps in with engaging and compelling UI/UX designs that tell your brand story better than words can.

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