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Often times, web development processes race against time to develop functionalities and fuse them together into a workable web application. Such industry practices have given rise to the need for a contemporary web development solution that allows for a modern, scalable programming methodology. Here is where Google Go, commonly known as Golang, has helped bring a refreshingly new approach in the web development ecosystem. 

Golang is now the web development language choice for many a leading tech stalwarts such as SoundCloud, Uber and YouTube to name a few. Golang brings a bagful of benefits to the table. Firstly, it makes the sharing of code a simple task and provides for rapid compiling of code to piece together your application. This enables our developers at Flit Webs to translate time-saving to our clients and reduce the economic investment needed in engaging developers for a longer cycle.

One of the most far-reaching benefits of Golang is its immense automated support to your QA and testing efforts in the form of code documentation, flagging basic code errors and facilitating unit testing documentation alongside code creation. We at Flit Webs leverage thus advantage to significantly cut QA and testing costs from our delivery models.

Golang truly has a great deal to offer to the new age web development world. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it is the web development language of the future. Allow us at Flit Webs to explore how we can extend the benefits of this truly sensational web framework to make your web story future ready and miles ahead of your competitors’ web pages.

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Build your Web or Application in Golang

While we have established how innovative and versatile Golang is as a web development language, let’s explore what benefits Golang can bring to your digital footprint and why it should be your choice of web development with us at Flit Webs:

  • Golang truly embodies the futuristic approach that today’s applications warrant. With tremendous scalability features, Golang allows for running multiple tasks simultaneously on one single application with minimized coding requirements.

  • Golang is used and appreciated by the who’s who of the technology world. A Google brainchild, Golang has captured the attention of the global web development community and how.

  • Golang boasts of various code supporting features such as code documentation that Golang generates while your developer writes the code. It also runs benchmark tests to make your QA process a breeze.

  • The Golang framework houses a Go compiler that automates the conversion of code to executable files, and also checks this code for any basic errors to make deployment and testing an easier exercise.

  • Contrary to the belief of most developers, the features of Golang can be extended to data-heavy applications, grid computing and even online gaming solutions and video solutions. Golang is one of the many functionalities that powers YouTube.

  • Golang is a revolutionary web development language and basing your web solution on Golang gives you an opportunity to leverage all that it is going to add to its repertoire in the coming future.

We are sure you are convinced of the far-reaching benefits Golang can bring to your digital asset. We at Flit Webs look forward to giving you your Golang powered web solution.

Various Industries We Serve for Golang Web Development

Why Choose Flit Webs for Golang Web Development

The Golang development community in India is still a  fairly nascent and growing community of developers, users and enthusiasts. In such an event, it is imperative that as a business that invests heavily in digital collaterals, you choose the right partner to give your web vision the trajectory it warrants.

We at Flit Webs urge you to connect with us and interact with our enthusiastic Golang family to understand how very invested we are in the framework, its features and applications across various domains and markets. Having worked with a good number of clients across industries such as gaming & visuals, video streaming, real estate, networking and social media among others, we are identifying even more benefits that Golang can bring to your industry-specific web requirements in terms of data management, web hosting, QA investments and data analytics.

We house a talented team of Golang developers who possess knowledge of other open source database management systems, CMS frameworks, web developments tools and technologies to make sure any custom requirements that you may call for can be tackled through a multi-framework structure. 

Not only can we at Flit Webs create stellar web applications using the Golang framework, but we also work on niche requirements of creating Golang powered mobile applications using the GoMobile tools and Golang Android, while extending the functionalities to the iOS framework to create our very own iOS applications with the same functionalities matrix.

We look forward to exploring how your requirements can be fulfilled and overachieved by our Flit Webs Golang enthusiasts and empower your web solution to leverage all that Golang brings to its users in the coming future.

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Why Choose Golang Technologies

The Golang web development framework brings with it unprecedented benefits in terms of stellar memory management, multiple microservices, an all-encompassing smart library, easy code writing capabilities and an extremely neat syntax. Dealing with large amounts of data in the development and maintenance cycles are made easy by Golang’s CSP inspired concurrency feature.

We at Flit Webs believe that Golang is truly a futuristic web development framework that is ideal for organizations that wish for their digital collaterals to be rapidly keeping pace with evolving technology and industry trends.

  • Concurrency – Golang applications take efficiency to the next level with the help of their Goroutines framework that provides for running various tasks simultaneously or concurrently – just one of the many benefits Golang brings to the foray.

  • Scalability - It is imperative that your web solution factors requirements and functionalities your business may warrant from it in the future at the development stage. Golang helps structure scalable websites that allow for a wide range of future additions and plug-ins.

  • Error Checks -Fancy writing unit testing instructions alongside the code creation stage? Golang makes it possible with its one of a kind testing support framework that lets you prepare for the QA stage from day one for accelerated solution deployment.

  • Compiled Language – Golang provides for a cross-compiling feature wherein you can run your application on a different machine simply through cross-compiling your source code for any foreign machine without the installation rigmarole.

  • Trash collection - A built-in memory management mechanism allows your Golang application to clean up its cache, handle memory space effectively and reduce redundant/dormant files piling up.

  • Smart standard Library – The smart standard library of the Golang framework almost hands all that you need to develop and run your application on a platter enabling web developers and web managers to effortlessly create and run a superior solution.

  • Cross-Platform – Golang is cross-platform compatible which means you can tap into your target audiences across various platforms such as Macintosh, Windows and Linux to take to them your feature-rich Golang application.

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Golang is an emerging web development framework that is a fairly niche skill set in the current web development industry in India. We at Flit Webs have taken a conscious effort to develop and master the Golang framework to ensure we cater to the Golang needs of our clientele should we see a fit between their requirements matrix and the Golang framework. 

Our energetic and zealous Golang team has shown immense focus and dexterity in imbibing the Golang framework and would be happy to extend our growing knowledge in this field to complement your web story. Get in touch with us to explore how Golang can merge into your web solution.

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