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Flit Webs is leading effective Social Media marketing SMM company in India For Your Business. We offer new account creation, posting services & sharing, page verification, reviews generation & paid social media advertising options that will help spread awareness and drive engagement.

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Best Social Media Marketing SMM Company in India

For a world where an average person daily spends more than 2 hours on social media sites, social media marketing has to be a necessary way to make your brand reach the masses. Organizing social media marketing campaigns need a good sense of social trends. At Flit Webs’ we don’t discourage our employees for spending time on social media if they belong to our social media marketing team! Our Social Media Marketing Services are there to let your brand and business reach those looking for it. The content feed for your social media is where all the magic lies. We want your potential customers to know about your services when they’re in their best of moods i.e. while scrolling through their social media feed. They might be scrolling through his Insta handle on their phone or checking the trending tweets on their laptop. We use best available automation tools that would help us to analyze the on-going trends that may affect your business. This saves us time that we can put in planning the marketing strategies. Hire the best social media marketing SMM Company in Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Noida, Hyderabad, Madurai, Kolkata, Pune, Chandigarh, Coimbatore and more cities in India.

Flit Webs, the creative team is there to help you at every step of preparing the Social Advertisement, developing online content and analyzing the metrics. Our Social Media Marketing experts are skilled to listen and monitoring your perception in the online platform. You can trust our various services to bring build up the most reliable social media appearance that would draw traffic for your business.

We provide social media marketing services on almost all the big social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. You choose us and stay assured about brand awareness, competition analysis etc. Better reach for your brand means more profit for the business. Flit Webs’ Social Media Marketing Services are there to ensure that your name reaches everyone who needs to know you, when they need it. Hire best Social Media Marketing SMM company in Indonesia, Latvia, Germany, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Ukraine, Latvia, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, Dubai, Japan, China, South Africa, Miami, Florida, USA, Jaipur, India, and many more countries.

Our Range of Social Media Marketing Services

A sound social media marketing strategy is one wherein information consistency is maintained across all platforms, while at the same time curating your content specifically to the audience base and features of each platform. This ensures that your content is well received and absorbed by audiences on each platform. For example, Twitter messages need to be crisp and informative with a clear action point for the browser, while Facebook can be used to influence opinion creators through blog posts and text-heavy data. We at Flit Webs ensure we tap into the characteristics and nuances of each platform to bring the best out of it for your social media campaigns.

Tying in useful hashtags, references, industry buzz words and trending stories is a great way to get traction to your posts and instil curiosity in your audiences to know more about your brand. Flit Webs makes sure to capture trending social media pieces and make them add value to your footprint.

Having worked with clients across various domains including hotel & hospitality, travel, e-commerce, construction & real estate and BFSI to name a few, we understand perfectly industry influencers, trends and topics that can bring the necessary eyeballs to your content. It is also important to internalize that some platforms are relevant for business-related information while some others are better off being used purely for establishing a relationship with your audience and keeping the communication line warm.

Here’s how we handle each of these colossal platforms to your advantage:

Facebook Marketing: Employing this feature rich-application, we at Flit Webs can help curate content that is expansive, compelling and informative. Google AdWords, sponsored advertisements, dedicated brand pages and paid influencer marketing is some of the features we can leverage of Facebook.

LinkedIn Marketing: LinkedIn is the perfect platform for your business to network in the business circles, follow competitor activity, scout for talent and even establish a connect with the global business community. Let us show you how.

Twitter Marketing: Dishing out snippets of persuasive and action-oriented information can we done effectively using twitter. Various tools available can help you analyze data around followers demographics and responsiveness.

YouTube Marketing: Leverage this visuals-driven social media marketing platform to ensure you connect with audiences on the go and millennials who are more about listening and watching than reading. A SMM tactic os to get influencers and bloggers to put out positive content of your brand on YouTube.

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Social Media Marketing Services We Offer:

We help your organisation leverage the benefits of cutting-edge social media tools such as Feedly and Buffer to make sure your social media strategies are quantifiable and measurable. We offer a full range of services including social media advertising, campaign design, content development, social media measurement and optimisation. With Flit Webs, you can be assured of the fact that your brand will always be in the limelight across all social media platforms with information and posts that are consistent, penetrating and useful to your target audience. Here is a list and description of the Social Marketing Services that we provide:

Social Media Audit & Strategy

In order to plan your marketing effectively, you need to first know where you’re lacking. Flitweb’s Audit team keeps a keen eye on all the necessary metrics to come up with a fruitful plan of action.

Content Development & Promotion

You need to prepare your posts according to the right hashtags that the potential customer must be following. Flit Webs’ SMM team is practised in fishing out the trends and planning the social media presence accordingly.

Multi-Channel Integration

You know you can’t rely on one channel to draw all your traffic. Multi-Channel integration helps you interact with your potential customers using different channels. Our job is to cover as many of these channels and as effectively as possible.

Social Advertising

How to plan the first 5 seconds of your YouTube ad that the viewer doesn’t hit the skip button. These things are necessary to plan the Social Advertising of your business.

Social Listing & Monitoring

Social Monitoring helps you identify the mentions for your brand in on social media. Social Listening then take these mentions and broadens it to dig out more influential information that can help you reach your potential customers better.

Who We Are?

Flit Webs is a leading web solution and digital marketing company that can partner with you across all your needs in web development, social media marketing, search engine optimization and various other services to chart your digital growth path. We strengthen your digital footprint, facilitate brand empowerment, reach and recall across your global audience with a goal-oriented approach of higher lead generation to boost ROI.

Our talented team of developers, marketers and digital strategists make sure all your digital marketing requirements are central to our efforts that work towards helping you achieve competitive advantage and industry leadership. We have curated digital pathways for clients across a score of industries such as travel & tourism, healthcare, BFSI and ITeS among others. We would be excited to explore how we can add value to your enterprise. Get in touch with us for all your digital marketing needs to leverage our in-depth expertise in practice. We provide best digital marketing services in Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Noida, Hyderabad, Madurai, Kolkata, Pune, Chandigarh, Coimbatore in India.

Various Industries We Serve

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Why Choose Us

Our excellent track record for past 4 years, speaks volumes about our dedication towards customer satisfaction. Our clients have consistently reviewed us ‘the best’ for our outstanding services. In addition to all this, there are a few more reasons for you to trust us with your job:


Dedicated Team

Our large team of talented, experienced and dedicated resources.


Our solution specific development process

High Quality Assurance

Our commitment to employ the best possible technology and approach to provide top quality product

100% Customer Satisfaction

Multiple Client Testimonies vouching for our up-to-the-mark services

Cost Effective

Economic Services that suit every budget

Quick Support

A wholesome technology service. You would never need to approach another company for any other business requirements.

Hire Top Digital Marketing Experts

A successful digital marketing strategy is fuelled by a cohesive think-tank that brings together the best practices in the industry with the current trends in digital market to tie them in with your requirements and digital goals. Trust us at Flit Webs to factor in the finest nuances of digital marketing to deliver campaigns that are nothing short of stellar. Our strength in sound delivery is our pool of experts, and we take pride in their achievements and endeavors. Connect with us to see how we can bring value.

Process We Follow

  • Requirement Gathering

  • UI/UX Design

  • Prototype

  • App Development

  • Quality Assurance

  • Deployment

  • Support & Maintenance

Trusted Brand with US

Flit Webs is your one stop center for Web and Mobile Application Solutions. You can reach us for website development, mobile app development, block chain development and digital marketing.

500+Happy Clients

7+ Years in Business

150+Technical Experts

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Why Choose Flit Webs for SMM Services

All our services are meant to serve a single aim, 100% client contentment. No matter the projects size or complexity, if we’ve take it, we will complete it. Adding something beneficial to your business is the end point we seek to achieve. We constantly encourage our teams to update themselves all the while keeping this value in their hearts.

Based on the variety of requirements that we get, we have defined a larger number or services carefully defined to meet every need. We tend more towards better towards the communication of your vision rather than the complexities of technical definitions. Once you’ve stated your idea of the final product, you can trust us with realizing it in the best way possible.

We have never strived for anything less than perfection. Every project is unique and needs a handpicked group of resources to handle it. No matter what kind of job it is, our starting point has always been the optimum decided standards, from where we tend to move upwards. While our experienced resources help us build the roadmap to the final product, the fresh talent helps us follow it. As a client, all you have to do is state your requirements, our teams stay in touch with the latest tools and trends to provide the latest and best available solutions. Every bit of the final product must be exactly how you envisioned. And we won’t leave any stones unturned to achieve that.

Our clients have known us for many things, mediocrity isn’t one of them. Rest assured, your project will be handled with utmost care and perfection that it rightfully deserves. With every project, we challenge ourselves to raise the bar of excellence above the expected standards stated by the client. We at Flit Webs tend to learn from each other’s experiences thus growing the collective skill set of organization. We ask our teams to always stay in touch with all the technology standards trending in the market so that we can provide you with best solutions that are available. We don’t consider our work done until we have completely realized what you envisioned.

Here are a few points that would clear any second thoughts that you might have about us:

  • Increased Brand Awareness: Every entity worth anything is on social media today. For your to facilitate robust brand awareness, there could not be a more cost-effective and penetrating platform than social media. Let Flit Webs spearhead your social media marketing exercise.

  • Spy on Competitors: While you run your own social media campaigns, it is imperative that in a competitive market you keenly observe the social media strategies of your peers and execute campaigns to counter and tackle the same.

  • Better Customer Service: Social media marketing and interaction helps you identify pain points that your customer base may experience, that would otherwise not come in the foray if not for a strong and penetrative social media connect.

  • Interactive Display of Products: Social media helps you put out all your service offerings and products to your customer base, something that would require considerable space and investment in the brick and mortar set-up.

Points are:

Dedicated resource:

Resources assigned for your project will have one and only one focus, your job. This will ensure the undivided attention that your product deserves. 

Cost-effective solution:

Our services are completely budget-friendly. We believe that rather than charging our clients handsomely for once, we’d serve them economically so that they come again.

1 Day for a kick start your project:

We make it a point that the project is kick-started as early as possible

On time delivery:

 Timelines are well defined and the checkpoints are strict. We are known for providing the deliverables early.


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